How To Connect Klout To Your Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

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How To Connect Klout To Your Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

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In 2011, when Klout introduced its integration, I was bummed that there wasn’t a way to connect a self-hosted WordPress site.  I toyed with different options for awhile, but there are more important priorities than Klout so it eventually it got away from me.

Today, Klout prompted me to re-connect my LinkedIn account, which reminded me that I’d never cracked the self-hosted WordPress connection nut. And this time–I got it.  If you’re ready to get Kredit for the blood, sweat and tears you put in to your blog, follow the simple steps below:

Connect your self-hosted blog to

1. It goes without saying, visit WordPress and register for a free account.

2. Sign in-to your self-hosted WordPress blog’s dashboard. Typically, or /wp-login.php

3. Make sure that you’ve installed the Jetpack plug-in





4. On the left-hand side of the dashboard, click the Jetpack link. Then, click on the green “Connect to WordPress” button in the main Jetpack area.

Jetpack Connect












5. Click on the blue “Authorize Jetpack” button

Authorize Jetpack








6.  If the process completes, you should receive a notification that you’re connected to WordPress.  Congratulations, you’re done with part one.

Connected to WordPress






Ensure lists your self-hosted blog

1.  Sign-in to

2.  Click on “My Blogs” in the top nav and make sure that your self-hosted blog is showing up.  If not, double check your Jetpack installation.

WordPress My Blogs
















Connect Klout to your account

1. Navigate to settings, find and click the grey connect button on the right.

Klout Settings















2.  Select the correct blog to connect.  Keep in mind, if you manage multiple WordPress sites, you can only connect one.

Select Domain














3.  Klout will prompt you to log-in to your WordPress account

WordPress Login


















4. Klout will validate your connection and you’re all set.

WordPress complete

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Linda Ledbetter

April 21, 2014at 3:43 pm

This is a fantastic tutorial! Thanks for the info– it worked perfectly.


April 21, 2014at 3:43 pm

Thank you for the feedback, Linda! So glad it worked. Please keep in touch.


May 21, 2014at 11:12 am

Hooray it works! Thanks for this tutorial!


May 21, 2014at 11:14 am

So happy to hear!

Tony Zeoli

August 20, 2014at 8:30 am

Thanks for sharing this. I know it’s a little old, but I just stumbled upon it and was able to connect up my self-hosted WordPress site with Klout. Great evergreen content.


August 20, 2014at 10:10 am

Thanks Tony! Please let me know if you see an increase in your score.

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