Google Is The Perfect Travel Companion

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Google Is The Perfect Travel Companion

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This past weekend, I got away for a few days and was able to take advantage of Google’s product integration services around email, search and Now Cards.  Essentially, since my hotel, car and flight reservations were booked using my Gmail account, Google was able to keep me on schedule. 

Google Flights

Check this out:

  • On flight days, Google notified me through a mobile Now Card what time I needed to leave to get to the airport in time
  • When I landed in Scottsdale, a Now Card reminded about my rental car and confirmation number
  • Upon getting in to my rental car, a Now Card provided my hotel reservation, check-in time and offered driving directions
  • While in the air, I simply Google’d “Check Delta Flight Status” and Google’s search engine returned all the information I needed without having to go through

If you book concert or theater tickets using your Gmail account, Google will most likely remind you of the event when you need to be reminded. If you make dinner reservations through Gmail, Google will not let you forget. In fact, Google really is the perfect travel companion.

Google’s doing a phenomenal job of connecting its products through innovation. A major fault with so many of the products and services in the digital marketplace is their lack of utility. Google continues to knock it out of the park. Years ago, when Google announced its intentions to make their products and services work seamlessly together, I was curious to see how it would look. So far it’s been impressive.

Yes, it’s a little unsettling to think about the vast amount of personal information Google has on us. And God only knows what they’re REALLY doing with all of the data. But since I can’t stop big brother Google, I might as use it to help make my life easier.

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Lu Johnson

May 30, 2014at 7:38 am

I rented a car from Hertz for 2 days while my own car is getting repaired. I booked it online, using Chrome browser. That’s all I did.

It was a 2 day rental, and the contract is up at 8:00 this morning.

About half an hour ago, I heard a notification on my Samsung tablet. In the notifications area, there was a circular clock icon I hadn’t seen before. Tapped that, and then Google Now opened, with a panel reminding me of my rental return obligation at 8:00AM, showed me a nav arrow with drive time and to the left of that a heads-up that I would need to leave in 10 minutes.

SO impressed!

I didn’t use anything but Chrome and Gmail for my interaction with Hertz.

The future is cool.

Dorothy Pisarski

June 13, 2014at 9:23 am

We had a fly/drive vacation and family wedding event and Google+ made a photobook for me. It took locations that I sought directions for, and matched them up with photos I took. The book title and captions were absolutely spot-on. Freaky and cool!

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