Google Is All Up In My Business

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Google's All Up In My Business

Google Is All Up In My Business

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A few weeks ago, I was doing a write-up about Google’s new local product, “Google My Business” (formerly Google Places), when I noticed some funky Google Now Card SERP integration.

When I either Google, “Google My Business” or “My Business,” check out what returns:

Google Now Card In SERP

I almost never Google “My Business” and in all honesty, my mobile device’s Google Now Cards are plenty. But it’s cool to see this level of personalized integration of email within Google’s search results.

I couldn’t replicate these results with any other query, but it would be helpful if  these Now Card snippets appeared for more relevant terms like “things going on this weekend”,”events happening next week” or “what does next week’s schedule look like”.

Either way, I’m interested to see if Google continues to build this out or if it’s just a hiccup in its SERPs.

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Nathan Safran

August 6, 2014at 1:29 pm

They really are “all up in your business!”


August 6, 2014at 1:50 pm

Yes sir! I didn’t realize I was that important to Google :)

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