Which 2016 Presidential Candidate Has The Most Authentic Twitter Followers?

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Which 2016 Presidential Candidate Has The Most Authentic Twitter Followers?

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In November of 2016, we will elect the next President of the United States. I tend to not write or post political musings, but I couldn’t resist this one. I audited the Twitter following of the remaining candidates to determine who has the most authentic following, then rank ordered them. The scores below show the percentage of real accounts following each candidate.

Percentage of real Twitter followers per each candidate

2016 Presidential Candidate Twitter Audit

For example, Bernie Sanders scores highest at 89% and Donald Trump edges out Hillary Clinton for last place at 76%.

The inverse is true about fake accounts following each candidate. Subtract the percentages in the infographic from 1 to identify the percentage of followers from fake Twitter accounts.

For example, Donald Trump: 1-76% = 24% of Trump’s followers are from fake (not real) Twitter accounts.

Bernie Sanders Twitter Audit

Kasich Twitter Audit Marco Rubio Twitter AuditTed Cruz Twitter Audit hillary-twitter-auditTrump Twitter Audit

More detail on candidate Twitter followers

2016 Presidential Twitter Follower Audit

  • While Donald Trump has the highest % of fake followers, he has the largest number of real followers. In fact, the number of Trump’s total real following is 18% greater than Hillary Clinton’s
  • It is common for celebrities to attract a higher number of fake accounts. This could explain Trump’s and Clinton’s lower audit scores
  • This is a data informed article, no personal opinions or biases are included


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