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SEO_IconThere are some basic aspects of SEO that I can quickly teach you to do yourself. There are others more complex tasks, which I’m happy to offer my help. Don’t waste your money on fly-by-night SEO companies that promise you top rankings through outdated and harmful techniques.  Learn more about my SEO consulting services.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management: PPC allows advertisers the opportunity to appear in search results when specific keywords are searched. Additionally, advertisers are only charged when a searcher clicks on an ad; hence the term, “pay-per-click”. Adam Dince Digital Marketing is Google AdWords Certified and able to help you achieve your business goals through pay-per-click advertising!

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Google Analytics IconGoogle Analytics Services: 
Google Analytics is a free tool that allows businesses to accurately track how their online marketing activities translate in to Website performance. One of the biggest mistakes I see businesses make, is not accurately track their marketing/advertising performance. If you need help getting Google Analytics set up, customized for your business goals, and/or just need help understanding how to use it, you’ve found the right person for the job. Learn more about Google Analytics services.

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Content StrategyContent Strategy: the 800 pound gorilla that keeps business owners and marketers up at night.  If that’s you, it’s okay–you’re not alone, and I can help. Stop throwing your money away on “content strategists” based on what “we think” will work and let us help you with a data informed approach to content .  Learn more about our content strategy!

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Social Media is the buzz word of the decade and there are plenty of so-called “gurus” cashing in on businesses who need help.  The fact is, the basics of social media are not that complicated and much of it I can teach you to do yourself. When it comes to advertising on social networks, it’s important to have an experienced professional help you through it.  Additionally, social networks can provide you with more actionable marketing data than you can shake a stick at. Let me help you crack the social media nut.

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White Label

If you’re an agency that needs a freelance inbound marketer to help with your client projects, let me know. If you’re a small to medium sized business that needs help revving up your online marketing, I’ve got you covered. 




Adam is an extremely talented, switched-on and intelligent person who knows his stuff and makes invaluable contributions to projects relating to digital marketing. On a personal side, he is highly enthusiastic but incredibly genuine and motivated. You will thank your lucky stars if Adam is on your team.- Michelle R., Marketing Manager

Adam’s work, thought leadership and detail were exceptional. Not only is he an expert in his field, but his level of detail brought applicability and a surfacing of findings and results to his work that more than exceeded our expectations. Adam’s teamwork and consulting leadership fundamentally changed – for the better – the way we look at search and web marketing to this day. I endorse Adam without exception. I’f you’re lucky enough to have him as a part of your organization, you will surely benefit. – Tim M., Chief Technology Officer

Adam taught us the true value of search engine optimization, helping improve our search results and the return on our investment. He brings with him an amazing talent to any team and truly transformed the way the we engaged in SEO. – Sunzanne N., Former Deputy Public Affairs Officer, US Army

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