Paid Search Engine Marketing (PPC) Management

PPC allows advertisers the opportunity to appear in search results when specific keywords are searched. Additionally, advertisers are only charged when a searcher clicks on an ad; hence the term, “pay-per-click”. Adam Dince Digital Marketing is Google AdWords Certified and able to help you achieve your business goals through pay-per-click advertising!

PPC Management Pay Per Click Services


What does it take to achieve positive ROI from a PPC campaign? A few things:

  • Configuring your AdWords and Bing Ads accounts properly
  • Clearly defined goals and success metrics
  • Accurate keyword targeting
  • Well-written advertisements
  • Highly relevant and actionable landing pages
  • Google Analytics performance tracking
  • Minimize advertising spend through continuous optimization
  • Create ads that stand out from the competition
  • Synergize PPC and SEO strategies
  • If applicable, highly localized targeting

Let me help you start driving business results from your search engine marketing!

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